CRYRO Stress Relief

All Guns Have Barrel Stress. . .

All firearms are produced with internal stresses. As the metal is bored, reamed and machined, mechanical stresses are created. As forgings and castings cool, the differing rates of temperature change introduce residual stresses.

Heat treating leaves thermal stresses behind..Careful manufacturing, of course, provides barrels that shoot well…stresses and all. However, CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief can even improve benchrest-quality barrels by relieving the internal stresses…with no risk of damage to the barrel or the action of a fine gun.

Stresses cause barrels to twist and arc as they heat up from firing. This is one reason why good three-shot rifle groups are easier to get than good five-shot groups.

Shotguns are effected in the same way. For example, at the end of a typical 10-shot sporting clays station pattern placement can shift up to six inches.

With 25 shots, pattern placement can shift up to 12 inches, which is the equivalent of a 40% miss area.

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